The Moon and The Sun [AnnaSophia]

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The Moon and The Sun [AnnaSophia]

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The Moon and The Sun

AnnaSophie wird in dem Film The Moon and The Sun neben Pierce Brosnan mit dabei sein.

In an incredible world of real Kings and Queens, comes a fantasy unlike any other. Louis XIV, the Sun King, (Pierce Brosnan) is turning 50 and worried about the future of France. His treasury depleted by wars, his only male off‐spring unfit to rule, Louis approaches his physicians to find a way to attain everlasting life. He is told the only scientific way is to take the life force of a mermaid. So, Louis secretly sends the French Navy, under the command of a young sailor, Yves, to bring one to Versailles and for the only time in history, a mythical sea creature is brought into captivity. As a testament to the glory of France, Louis decides the perfect way to cap off the Summer Solstice is to use the Mermaid to become an immortal. At the celebration, Louis also plans to pay down his war debt by marrying off Marie‐Joseph (AnnaSophia Robb), his daughter by way of the mistress he always loved.

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